30 Easter Egg Wraps / Sleeves - Folk, Faberge & Kids Special Edition


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SKU: Easter010 Kids

Decorate your Easter table or fill baskets with these beautiful, traditionally designed egg wraps. Made with premium non-toxic quality, the sleeves will shrink onto a chicken size egg instantly, once dunk into a boiling water. Representing Polish and Slavic Easter traditions, these egg sleeves combine fun and education for both kids and parents. The tradition of egg decoration in many Slavic ethnic groups originated many years ago and is still very well known and celebrated. Available in variety of patterns, this series of three contains 30 vibrant designs.

  • Kreazy Eggs Kids Series - Colorful, witty drawings that transform eggs into funny creatures. Juicy colors combined with fun mimicry, create fun Kreazy Eggs. These cartoon animals capture everyone with their grace. The first of the kids product series with an educational nature. These egg wraps are not only colored foils but also cut out elements on the inside of the envelope, which are used for further play. Cardboard stands, legs, wings and ears can be combined, glued, colored etc., creating a spatial "theater". It's a great fun for the whole family.
  • Folk Series - Designs encompassing folklore motifs, based on local techniques and examples from different regions of Poland. They contain elements enticing to children such as ponies, fish, cockerels, yak and traditional folk ornaments of the fondness taken into adulthood.
  • Faberge Series inspired with the decorative motifs of the famous Faberge eggs. Faberge eggs are artistic masterpieces executed in a jeweler's craft. Inlaid with pearls and precious stones, the Faberge egg delights all with its splendor and the masterly skill of the goldsmith. The stylized Faberge egg jackets were designed in a way that gives impression of the spatial illusion of the natural embellishments.
Instructions: Cut the package with scissors between the sleeves. Boil an egg and wait until it cools down. Slip a sleeve onto an egg and dunk into a boiling water for 3 seconds. Children require adult supervision at all time. Do not keep sleeves under high temperature.

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