Black Polska Eagle on Flag Flask, Cigarette Case & Lighter Set


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Attractive yet discreet, this set features Polska and Eagle emblem on front. The flask has a flip-top retainer that keeps the lid attached to the flask, preventing from accidentally dropping or losing the cap. With a smooth, sleek and curved design that hugs the body, you can slip it in your pocket for a discreet drink anytime. The refillable butane lighter does not contain fuel due to shipping and must be filled with its first use. Keep lighter out of reach of children - this lighter is not child resistant. Give the set as a gift or bring to the Bachelorette Party. Flask measures approx. 3.75" x 1.0" x 5.25". Cigarette holder measures approx. 3.6" x 4" x .75". Lighter measures approx. 1.5" x .5" x 2.25".


The following are the instructions on how to fill the lighter and maintain it 1 or 2 times a year:
TO FILL THE LIGHTER (must be filled before the first use):
1. Hold the lighter case in one hand, use the other hand to remove the insert. 
2. Lift felt pad, fill slowly, don't over fill, stop filling when fuel reaches the felt pad. 
3. Return lighter insert into the case, be sure fuel can is closed and there is no spilled fuel and hands dry before igniting. 
1. Remove the screw and attached spring at the end of the fuel chamber.
2. Be sure the old flint is removed from the tube.
3. Replace new flint and screw tightly.
4. If the wheel binds after the new flint is inserted, turn the wheel backwards a few times.
WICK MAINTENANCE (when necessary):
1. When wick becomes black, pull it up with tweezers until clean wick appears.
2. Trim the end making it even with the chimney height.
3. Repeat 1 or 2 times a year.

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