Large 16" Soft Plush Polish Folk Doll in Kashubian Costume, Blond in Red Skirt


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16" tall soft plush doll dressed in a Polish folk regional Kashubian dress. Clothes on the doll reflect traditional Kashubian costume, which is very distinctive because of the colors embroidered with multi-colored floral embroidery on it. Costume ceased to be used at the end of the nineteenth century, but is still worn by song and dance ensembles during folklore events, as well as family, state and church celebrations. The doll has a sweet embroidered face with soft rosy cheeks. She is dresses with a white blouse with ruffle sleeves, black corset embroidered with gold thread, red skirt decorated with black ribbons sewn at the bottom, white apron with characteristic Kashubian folk art embroidery, and a red decorative bow tied to the corset. Every piece of clothing along with black shoes is made of soft fleece. The body of the doll is made of cotton and the inner is stuffed with poly cotton. The doll is styled with blond yarn hair in two pony tails that are fastened with a red strings. On top of the head is a plastic clip that can be used to attach the doll. Doll measures approx. 7" x 3" x 16". Not recommended for children under the age of 5. Made in Poland.

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