Polish Folk Floral Rosette Wooden Box with Brass Inlays, 4.5"x4"


$ 34.99 

Hand-carved and hand-painted wooden box with brass inlays featuring a beautiful traditional floral rosette motif. This box has a hinged backing for easy opening and is great for safekeeping jewelry and precious items. The inside of the box is lined with red velvet on the bottom. These boxes are entirely decorated by hand in the Tatra Mountain region of Poland, using various combinations of carving, brass and copper inlays, burning, and staining techniques. Each box has its own, unique personality that casts an aura of mystery and invokes a fantasy of hidden treasures, spiritual potentiality and a feeling of distinction. Because no two boxes are identical, the shade, color and pattern details may slightly differ from pictured. Measures approx: 4.6" L x 4.0" W x 1.75" H. Handmade in Poland from linden wood. One box per order.

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