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Polska Eagle Soccer Socks Antibacterial

  • $ 1199


Polska Eagle red soccer socks are not only a perfect match for your workout, but also to show your Polish Pride! These high quality and durable socks are crafted using a moisture-wicking fabric with Prolen ® Siltex technology to control bacteria and fungus and prevent odors, stains and product deterioration. Structured cushioning in high impact areas provides comfort where you need it most. 

Prolen® Siltex is a special polypropylene yarn modified by an antibacterial additive on the basis of biogenic silver ions, harmless to man and the environment.  Silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria and moulds, reduce unpleasant smells and keep a biological balance of your skin during top or recreational sports activities. The antimicrobial effect of silver has been known since the times of Ancient Rome and its high activity has been verified over the centuries. 

Available in two sizes:
EU 38-41 (US Mens size 6 - 8.5)
EU 42-44 (US Mens size 9 - 11.5)

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