Raw Baltic Amber Necklace - Dark Cognac 28"L


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100% pure amber necklace on a string handmade in Poland. This one-of-a-kind treasure has been acquired from a Polish Annual Folk Fair. These natural amber gems are rich in dark cognac hues brightening up to light golden yellow towards the center of the necklace. The adult amber necklace serves both as a clothing accessory and pain relief. It helps migraines, sinus, arthritis, and more. Most beads are 0.5" - 1" in size. Size, shade and shape of amber beads may vary. The necklace is approx. 28" on the circumference and secured with lobster claw clasp for easy opening and closure. Handmade in Poland.

Disclaimer: Due to the natural state of stones and handmade items, you may find varying colors, patterns, inclusions, dips, crater and veins within organic stones. Healing information is for entertainment, not a replacement or supplement to medical treatments.

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