Set of 7 Polish Slavic Easter Handpainted Wooden Eggs, (2.5" L) Pisanki in Protective Box

Taste of Poland

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Add lively and festive touch to your spring table or fill your Easter basket with these set of 7 beautifully hand-painted and vibrant wooden eggs from Poland. Each egg is unique on its own, handpainted in variety of colors and slavic floral patterns. Among the floral motifs, rare Easter Chicks, Bunnies, and Storks can be found. One of the best-known Easter symbols is the egg, which has symbolized renewed life since ancient days. The egg is said to be a symbol of life because in all living creatures life begins in the egg. That symbol, the hand-painted egg in various colors and patterns, became the most popular Easter gifts shared among friends and family members. A bowl of Easter eggs would also be set out in the house, to protect against misfortunes. Become part of ancient tradition by sharing these colorful Easter gifts with your friends and family! The 2.5" long wooden eggs are made of natural wood, hand-painted and finished with hi-gloss varnish. Being solid and sturdy, the eggs will last for generations. No two wooden eggs are identical since they are handmade in Poland. Eggs come in a variety of colors and designs, please allow us to make a selection for you. Packaged in eco-friendly plastic carton that prevents each egg from banging about and is perfect for safekeeping the eggs for the years to come.

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