Polish Traditional Easter Lamb (Baranek Wielkanocny), 2.5" x 2.5"


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There is nothing quite more symbolic of a Polish Easter than the Easter lamb (Baranek Wielkanocny) with palms and the banner with cross. The Baranek bearing a cross-emblazoned flag represents Christ Resurrection and sacrificial Paschal lamb, whose banner proclaims his victory of life over death. The lamb adorns greeting cards, sugar or butter lambs are blessed in Easter baskets and plaster lambs form the centerpiece of the swieconka table. An absolute 'must' for the Holy Saturday food blessing is the Easter lamb, usually made of sugar or butter, but it can also be a non-edible figure made of plaster, wood, cloth or plastic and should go into the basket last, because in effect it watches over the rest of the ingredients. A lamb is a Polish traditional symbol of Easter that has been present on Easter tables for hundreds of years. Our Easter Lamb is hand made and decorated in Poland out of natural products, like wood, plaster, paper, bark, moss and selected grass planted for hay. Baranek measures approx. 2.5"L x 2"W x 2.5"H. Packed in a plastic pouch with a paper trim saying Wesolego Alleluja! (Happy Easter). Since the Easter Lambs are handmade, they may not seem exactly as pictured - possible plaster/paint imperfections! Made in Poland

Celebrate one of the oldest traditions and make Easter even more special for you and your loved ones!

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