Traditional Polish Lace Pouch Holder with Christmas Wafer & Hay Set, Cone Embroidery


$ 21.99 
SKU: MT003ConePouch

Simple yet elegant, this lovely pouch for wafer (oplatek) and hay (sianko) has specifically been designed to decorate the Christmas Eve (Wigilia) dinner table. According to the tradition, the Christmas wafer symbolizes the bread eaten daily, which is shared across each member of the family for peace and good luck. The bundle of hay, on the other hand, symbolizes the fact that Jesus was born in a manger.

This beautifully hand made pouch contains the main pocket and another on front to hold and display both the Christmas wafer and hay. It is made of a 100% white cotton cloth with a piece of sheer organza and decorated with beautiful cotton lace. Because this adorable little pouch is hand made, the lace made for hemming may differ in pattern, which does not diminish its uniqueness and elegance. Make this adorable decoration the focal point on your Wigilia's table this year that could become a new family tradition for generations to come. Each pouch comes with one small Christmas wafer and a heap of hay.

  • Embroidered with Christmas Cone on the front pocket
  • Two Pockets to Hold Christmas Wafer & Hay
  • Made of 100% Cotton with a piece of sheer organza
  • Pouch measures approx. 4.5" x 1" x 6.5"
  • Hand made in Poland
  • Comes with 1 small Christmas wafer (2.4"x 4") and a heap of hay (3"x 6")

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