Polish Wooden Butter Molds

Polish Easter Wooden Butter Molds

Polish wooden butter molds have been recognized as a piece of art by a number of culinary icons in Poland. From her blog "Smaki Zycia", Magda Gessler states:

"The biggest jocks serve butter directly on a piece of paper, the next level is the butter on a plate, even higher - on a butter dish, but aesthetic aristocracy serve the butter in exquisite forms. These forms are achieved with special wooden molds, available at Polish folk markets. They were once very popular in folk culture, today, they are conquering upper class social gatherings. The mold must be soaked in an icy water, filled with butter, and we already have the elegant shapes of flowers, stars and even lambs. Original - even though very traditional - the served butter is always admired by the guests". ~ Smaki Zycia by Magda Gessler

Whether it is a small or medium butter lamb mold, folk art flower butter mold, dainty flower (oselka) butter mold, or even the Christmas tree butter mold, you can begin your own tradition of mastering the butter molding. 



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