Polish Kashubian Folk Art Ceramic Sugar Bowl with Lid


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This exquisite Polish Kashubian ceramic sugar bowl with lid delights the eye with its traditional folk art design. The sugar bowl boasts a traditional, clean design and provides a dash of casual elegance to your tabletop presentation with unique, spoon-friendly cutout in the lid. Each bowl with lid measures approx. 4" L x 4" W x 4.5" H. Not dishwasher safe. A matching ceramic salt and pepper set as well as some other kitchen accessories can be purchased separately. Made in Poland.

This Kashubian kitchen collection is handcrafted in Poland out of ceramic with painted in blue tips, handles and/or corners. The floral motifs have been decorated with traditional Kashubian print. Each piece is stamped or contains a sticker with "CENTRUM REKODZIELA LUDOWEGO I DZIEWIARSTWA", meaning "THE CENTER OF FOLK HANDICRAFT AND KNITTING". Because these products are handcrafted, it is likely you will find some minor imperfections. These however, don't affect the beauty or quality of the product, and make each piece one of a kind.

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