2024 Polska Poland KRAKOW Landscape Wall Calendar (Bilingual)


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Escape the everyday with the 2024 Polska Poland KRAKOW Landscape Wall Calendar. This bilingual calendar boasts an exquisite selection of vivid scenery, captivating architectural features and stimulating city views of Krakow, Poland - all with a touch of luxury and sophistication. Escape to an exclusive realm of beauty and culture.


  • 12 months: January 2024 to December 2024
  • Weekdays & Months in Polish & English
  • Male's & Female's Polish Name Days (called imieniny in Polish)
  • Polish Holidays
  • Week order beings on Monday, ends on Sunday
  • 12 images with descriptions in Polish and English of photographed regions
  • Measures 9.25" x 13.25" - shrink wrapped
  • Spiral bound
  • Full color
  • Made in Poland

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