Set of 6 Traditional Christmas Wafers & Hay & Mini Oplatek


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The oplatek is a thin, unleavened wafer baked from pure wheat flour and water. These sets of White Christmas Wafers are stamped with beautiful figures of the Godchild, the blessed Mary, St. Joseph and Nativity scenes. Each set contains 6 large wafers measuring 3.5" x 6" and a complimentary heap of hay measuring approx. 4"x4" bundled together with a mini wafer measuring approx. 2"x3.25". The large wafers are hygienically sealed in resealable polybags, making it easy to open and close the packages at any time or even save the unused wafers for later time. The complimentary heap of hay and mini wafer is also hygienically sealed in polybag. It is a tradition to place the hay underneath the white table cloth during Christmas Eve as a way of remembering that Jesus was born in stable. The mini oplatek, on the other hand, is often sent by mail to members of the family who are absent for Christmas, representing the love and family unity. Shipped in between sturdy cardboard pads to protect wafers from breakage. Nutrition facts on the back. Made in Poland.

The most important night for many Eastern European cultures is the Christmas Eve (Wigilia) during which 12 meatless dishes is prepared to symbolize twelve Apostles. The table is beautifully set with a snow-white linen tablecloth under which is placed a piece of hay (sianko) to reminde of Christ's birth in a stable. The tradition also indicates that an extra chair and a place setting is reserved for an unexpected guest who happens to pass by and in memory of those who are departed. Right before the supper, all members of the family break and share oplatek along with best wishes and blessings. For those members of the family who are absent, a piece of oplatek is often sent by mail to represent the love and family unity.

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