Polish Winged Hussars HUSARIA Face Mask Bandana


$ 9.99 
SKU: CE002

This multifunctional bandana mask is a must-have item to keep your health in outdoor activities. It is made of smooth, pleasant to the touch material decorated with a high-quality, patriotic print that can be worn in many ways. The Polish hussars or HUSARIA in Polish alternatively known as the winged hussars, were a heavy cavalry formation active in Poland and in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1503 to 1702. Their epithet is derived from large rear wings, which were intended to demoralize the enemy during charge. The mask can be used in many different ways for different activities like skiing, hunting, hiking, climbing, and/or biking. It's reusable, fashionable, and shows your Polish pride! You'll find multiple uses for this durable, lightweight & breathable accessory. Can be worn as bandana, neck gaiter, wristband, hood, balaclava, saharine, do-rag, pirate, beanie, headband, hair tie, and face mask. Made of polyester. Measures  approx. 19"L x 10"W (Product measured flat, unstretched). Imported from Poland.

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