Traditional Polish Easter Egg Display Holder Centerpiece with 6 Wooden Eggs


$ 49.99 
SKU: ED007

One of the best-known Easter symbols is the egg, which has symbolized renewed life since ancient days. The egg is said to be a symbol of life because in all living creatures life begins in the egg. What better way to display these beautiful wooden Easter eggs (Pisanki) than this traditional lace centerpiece? Handmade from 100% cotton three-ply doily with lace, this 12" in diameter Easter egg display holder is adorned with alternating chicks and floral prints. The lace egg display holder comes with six 2.5" long wooden chicken eggs (Pisanki), which are made of natural wood, hand painted and decorated. No two wooden eggs are identical since they are handmade in Poland. Eggs come in a variety of colors and designs, please allow us to make a selection for you. The egg display holder will arrive unassembled, so it will require tying up the strings and inserting the eggs.

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