Polish Folk Baby Sleep Soother Toy with White/Pink Noises, Polish Lullabies, Classical Music - Goral Jedrus


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Are you looking for this unique Polish baby gift that will become your baby's new best friend? Favorite stuffed playmate during the day and favorite sleep solution at night? Showcasing Polish regional folk motifs and singing Polish lullabies?

Polish Folk SZUMISIE are unusual humming teddy bears, which were created to ensure a peaceful sleep for babies and a bit of rest for tired parents. They are sweet, soft and help babies fall asleep. Newborns like to fall asleep to the noise because it reminds them of the sounds they heard in their mother's belly. They feel safe with it, they calm down faster, and fall asleep. Humming teddy bears can accompany babies from the first day of life and will serve for a long time...


SZUMIS Jedrus not only hums - he can also sing Polish lullabies and play beautiful songs by Mozart. It will be perfect not only as a teddy bear for a newborn to fall asleep, but also at the next stages of baby's development - to lull your child into a restful, relaxing sleep. Jedrus is a male teddy bear from the Tatra mountains region of Poland that attracts attention with its original colorful folk costume and a humming heart. He is 13.5" (34 cm) high x 6.3" (16 cm) wide.

In each folk toy there is a humming heart that emits 5 types of noise, 8 Polish lullabies, and 10 classical songs. You can easily choose the one that your baby will like the most, or even record a 3 minute recording with baby's favorite lullaby or fairy tale. 

You can cuddle with the humming Jedrus in the crib, but also hang the SZUMIS comfortably and take it with you everywhere thanks to the practical pendant. Jedrus is made of materials that are safe from the first day of a child's life. The toy can be safely machine washed at 40 degrees (after removing the humming mechanism). The teddy bears are entirely produced in Poland - sewn in a sewing plant near Łowicz, and the humming hearts are made in the Warsaw-based company.


3-in-1 humming heart:

with white & pink noises, lullabies and classical music:

5 rodzajów szumu 5 white and pink noises: white noise, pink noise, the sound of sea waves, falling rain and the sound of amniotic waters with a beating heart. Newborns and infants love to fall asleep to these sounds, because this is what they heard in their mother's belly for several months. After birth, they associate it with security and peace. It calms them down and helps them fall asleep calmly.
Kołysanki  8 beautiful Polish lullabies (30 minutes) - help older children (2+) fall asleep with 8 recorded beautiful lullabies in Polish language that calm them down and support speech development. Peaceful melodies will sooth your little one after a day of activity.
10 utworów Muzyki Klasycznej 10 pieces of classical music (30 minutes) - that have a positive effect on babies' brains even when still in mother's womb. The humming heart recreates selected Mozart compositions in a special arrangement to help babies at every stage of their development
Nagranie własne Own recording (in lullaby mode only) - the sound heart has got an option of own 3-minute recording. Parents or grandparents can read a fairy tale or sing their favorite lullaby to their little one and record it.
Reaguje na płacz dziecka (tryb szumów) Sleep sensor (in 5 noises mode only) - after 30 minutes of playback, the humming heart turns itself off and goes into standby mode. The sound will turn on automatically when your baby cries or there is noise around.
Regulowana głośność Volume control - the humming heart has an adjustable volume and the maximum sound level complies with EU safety standards for toys
Obsługa jednym przyciskiem One-button operation - the humming heart can be operated without having to take it out
Bezpieczne od urodzenia Safe from birth - Szumisie meet the safety standards for toys intended for children 0+ and do not exceed the acceptable safe volume of 60dB. A pocket with a humming heart is located in the teddy bear's belly fastened with a secure zipper on the back. Remember to use the toy 50 cm from the baby's head!

Możliwość prania w pralce Machine washable - the toy can be safely machine washed at 40 degrees (after removing the humming mechanism). 
Wyprodukowane w Polsce Produced in Poland - entirely produced in Poland with Polish founders, employees, and originators - produced from start to finish in plants located in Poland.
      Battery operated - three AAA batteries are required to run the mechanism, not included


   Included with the toy:

Kieszonka na serce  Gryzak gratis
Plush pocket   Pendant–teether
A handy pocket for a humming heart, A useful teether for a baby and at the
convenient for a walk and travel. same time a practical pendant for a 
teddy bear or a plush heart.

How to use white and pink noises...

Listen to Samples of the Polish Lullabies...



Safety above all

Your safety is a priority! Szumisie® meet the safety standards for toys intended for children 0+ and do not exceed the acceptable safe volume of 60dB.

Also, remember to use Szumisie® 50 cm from the baby's head.

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