Polish Folk Doll from Highlanders Region, Podhalanka


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Polish folk dolls with region-specific costumes that have been handmade in Poland with exquisite attention to detail would make a welcome addition to any doll collection. Each doll is approximately 8.5" tall, and is distinguished by the beauty of folk costumes made entirely by hand, accuracy and authentic ethnographic patterns. Because of its handmade uniquness, each doll may differ slightly from pictured. One doll per order. Due to the tiny details on the outfit, such as pins, beads, strings, the doll is not meant for play, but rather as an collectible. Not recommended for children.

This folk doll is dressed in a regional highlanders dress. Highlanders' costumes are still very popular in this region. Up to this date, highlanders are very proud of their culture, folklore, traditions and costumes and they still wear the costumes during family, state and church celebrations. Traditional highlander's costume also known as Tatra outfit (stroj podhalanski) in the early twentieth century consisted of a headdress, shirt, serdak or corset, skirt top and bottom, shawls worn on the shoulders and jewelry. The colors of the shawls not only matched the outfit, but also depended on the type of event for which it was worn. Dark colors, such as navy blue, black and green, were worn during the Lent, while brighter colors were worn for weddings and celebrations.

Embroidery and other decorations that are on the dolls' costumes are made by hand and are certified by the National Artistic and Ethnographic Commission of the "CEPELIA" Foundation - Polish Arts and Crafts in Warsaw.

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