Polish Folk Art Coloring Book with Stickers and 12 Colored Pencils


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Polish folk coloring book with stickers takes children on a journey through the most beautiful regions of Poland, famous for their traditions and folk art. Folklorowanka is a booklet full of coloring sheets and puzzles for smaller and bigger children. Color the folk costumes, find 10 differences in the Lowicz cottage and help Jan to reach the well ;) Paint, circle, stick - have a better time than at the fair;)

By coloring pictures, children will learn about the motifs of cut-outs from Lowicz, Kashubian embroidery or highlander parzenice. They discover the beauty of traditional folk costumes, as well as get to know the animals and objects with which former inhabitants of Kashubia, Lowicz, Podhale, and Krakow surrounded themselves. This educational coloring book contains clever puzzles that are an invitation to play with parents and older siblings.

10 coloring pages with 12 colored pencils. 8 guessing games. Dozens of stickers. Recommended for ages 3+. Softcover. 20 pages. The book contains phrases in Polish language only. Made in Poland.

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