Handmade Wooden Bead Necklace and Bracelet Set (Korale Goralskie)- Aqua Blue


$ 22.99 
SKU: FL001AquaBlue

Wooden jewelry has been known and treasured in different parts of the world for centuries. It is known for its nobility, simplicity and originality. This wooden necklace and bracelet set is handmade out of natural birch wood beads and handpainted with multi shades of blue color. The wooden beads are strung on elastic band for easy donning and doffing. Whether you are thinking to wear a plain white shirt or a little black dress, this simple, yet elegant jewelry set will draw instant attention and make your outfit stand out. The bead size on the necklace range from 0.6" to 1.2" in diameter and are arranged from the smallest to the largest. The drop length of the necklace is approximately 11" long while the diameter of the bracelet is approximately 4". Because of the nature of the wood, there might be some wood imperfections and variations in texture and color, therefore, no two pieces will be exactly the same. The wooden necklace and bracelet set is available in number of color choices. Each set is packaged in a kraft window box. Handmade in Poland.

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