Polish Kashubian Folk Art Salt & Pepper Shaker Set in Box


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It's time for a new addition to your folk collection. Kashubian salt and pepper shaker will add flavor to any cooked dish, regardless of whether you are a Master Chef in the kitchen or a beginner cook. The motif decorating the folk salt and pepper shaker is inspired by traditional Kashubian embroidery. The leitmotif of Kashubian floral designs are: carnations, pansies, clovers, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, bells, lilies and roses. Its timeless design makes the set equally well suited to home kitchens as well as elegant tables.The salt and pepper shakers are made of light ceramic, and the Kashubian pattern is applied around each of them. In addition, the set of salt and pepper shakers is packed in a decorative Kashubian box, which makes it a ready idea for an original gift. A removable plastic plug is located on the underside of each shaker for easy access to refill the contents of the containers. Each shaker measures approx. 2"x 2"x 3.5". Made in Poland.

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