Traditional Wooden Rooster Butter Mold


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Infuse your dining table with creativity, tradition, and a touch of elegance by molding your own butter with this highly detailed, wooden, rooster shaped butter mold. Simply put the butter in the mold, squeeze both sides and the rooster is ready in no time! The wooden molds were once very popular in folk culture, today, they are conquering high class social gatherings. Start your own tradition of butter molds just like they still do in Poland, especially during the Easter and Christmas celebrations. Original, yet very traditional, the molded butter will become the center of attention on your table. Handmade in Poland out of high-quality linden wood. Mold measures approx. 4.0" x 3.0" x 2.7". Approximate size of the rooster when molded: 3" x 2" x 2". About 1 stick of butter is needed to fill the mold. Instructions on how to use the mold are included with each order.


Please be sure to rinse this item well as sawdust might still be present in this authentic Polish creation. It is also important that the mold is oiled with hot cooking oil before the very first time of use.

1. Before each use, soak the mold in icy-cold water.
2. Fill the mold with room temperature softened butter.
3. Press firmly and set aside to cool in the refrigerator or in cold water.
4. After cooling, the edges of the butter should slightly protrude from the mold, allowing the shaped butter to be removed.
5. Lastly, upon your choosing, decorate the rooster with red ribbon around the foot base, and peppercorns (ziele angielskie) for eyes. The ribbon and peppercorn is not included with the mold.

Optional Step: Prior to filling with softened butter, line a clear plastic wrap in the mold.



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